Here’s why your emails go to spam

You might have often wondered why your emails keep on going to the spam folder because of which sometimes you might get late to receive them or not able to send them. Well, in this blog we are going to have a look at the reasons why “my emails are going to spam”. 

Reasons why emails go to the spam folder – 

  1. If the information of the sender is inaccurate then you will find your emails spam. 

  2. It is possible that you might have not been given permission. 

  3. If there is a physical address also the emails will be in the spam. 

  4. If the email contains spam trigger words then it will be directed to the spam folder. 

  5. If your email going to spam then it is possible that there is a spelling error or grammatical error in it. 

  6. The email is including a large image with very few numbers of texts. 

  7. If there is no opt-out link available then also emails are sent to the spam folder. 

  8. The sender might be sending emails to the email address which are inactive and hence because of this emails are not going to the inbox. 

  9. The headlines included in the email are weak which further leads the email to a spam file. 

  10. Attachments often trigger spam alerts and hence should be avoided and if by any chance you have included attachment files then it is possible that you will find your mails in the spam folder.