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Sometimes you may need a new email service different from your main one. It can be due to any reason but the problem is that email services over the years have started asking different codes and numbers for verification. Getting a free email without phone number verification is very difficult.

Different email services like Google and Zoho are now asking for a phone number for verification but you may not feel comfortable sharing that. So, here in this blog, we will share different email services that do not charge any fee for creating a new account as well as no requirement of a phone number.

Free Email Services without any phone number for verification

Our list here will provide you with different email services that let you create an email account without phone number.

  • ProtonMail

You can select ProtonMail whenever you are looking to make an alternate email account. Based in Switzerland, the email service offers encrypted email messages. 

Creating an email account on ProtonMail is very easy.

  1. Select a username for your account and a domain from the provided ones.

  2. Generate a password for your account.

  3. If you fear that you will forget your account password then you have the option to add a recovery mail. There is no need to add a name.

Through these very simple steps, you can create an account on ProtonMail and use it.


This free email without phone number service comes under Mail & Media Inc. The email service provides a lot of features to its users. 

Creating an account requires only your name, geographical location, password, security questions, and a way of verification (default setup is SMS but you can also add a recovery mail)

You can create a free account on in just a few steps and then utilize this account for various purposes.

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