SaskTel Email not working iOS


There are many instances when the users of email are not able to use the email service without any issue on Apple devices. There can be many reasons for this issue but you should not worry as we are going to tell you some simple solutions that will help you in fixing the Sasktel email not working on your iOS devices. 

Solutions to fix Sasktel email not working

We are giving you certain simple solutions that will help you in fixing the issue that you are facing. 

Solution 1: Turn Off SSL

If you try to turn off the SSL of your email account then, you might be able to fix the issue you are facing. 

  1. Open the settings of your email account and then go to the Mail tab. There you have to open the Accounts section. 

  2. Now, choose sasktel in the Passwords & Accounts section and jump to the Outgoing Mail server. 

  3. You will see the option of SSL under the primary server. Turn the toggle off and then see if this fixes your problems. 

Solution 2: Change other settings and leave SSL on

You can also try to change other sasktel email settings and leave the SSL on. It is very simple to change the settings as you just need to look for the correct email server settings of the Outgoing and Incoming email server of the application. 

We hope that this guide is helpful for you and you can fix the problem with these methods.