Yahoo verification code issue fix

In order to protect your Yahoo account and make sure that you are the one who is attempting to access it, we may occasionally send you a verification code or link via your mobile number or email address. If the code or URL does not work, or if you do not receive it, study the information that is provided below to determine why yahoo not sending verification code.

Didn't receive a code to verify your account?

Within the first five minutes, click the Resend button. Whether you are still unable to obtain the code, check to see if any of the following circumstances describe your situation and maybe the reason for your yahoo verification code not received.


  • You used a landline rather than a mobile phone, as SMS codes can only be delivered to mobile numbers.

  • Problems with the device: check to see if your plan has already surpassed its maximum for the amount of data it can transfer.

  • The information you provided for contact is incorrect. Please check that your mobile number and alternative email address are correct.

  • Problems with your email account: Ensure that your secondary email address has not been removed, that the message in question is not located in your junk mail folder, and that your internet service provider has not restricted access to Yahoo.

Other problems with the Yahoo verification process

  • The verification link has been disabled because it is no longer active. The URL has become invalid, and you will need to obtain a new one.

  • You will need to make a new account since you are unable to acquire a verification code because you have forgotten your password and the recovery information is incorrect.