How to Fix Zoho mail login problems?

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Zoho is a free email service provider which is offered by an Indian company called Zoho Corporation. Zoho has amazing features like guaranteed privacy and security, email retention for 365 days, free 5 GB storage space and 1 GB cloud storage support. Yet there are features like this, it can cause Zoho mail login problems. 

Reasons behind this zoho login issues

  1. Typing incorrect login credentials can cause login problems.

  2. When the limitation of 5 GB storage space, 1 GB cloud support exceeds it can cause sign in issues. 

  3. If you have software like antivirus, anti-malware or any related software, you might face login issues on your zoho. 

  4. Setting incorrect email configuration for both incoming and outgoing servers can be the reason.

  5. Even the poor or unstable internet connection can cause such issues. 

  6. Using outdated apps can also be one of the reasons for login issues. 

  7. Zoho server can be down and this will be the reason for sign in issues. 

This cant log into my Zoho email issues because of any of the reasons mentioned above. 

How Do I Fix this Issue?

Method 1 Enter correct email configuration:

Incoming mail server must be set as:

Username -

Server -

Port - 993

Security type must be SSL.


Outgoing mail server must be set in the following way.

Username -

Server -

Port - 465/587

Security type - SSL/TSL


Method 2 Reset password:

If you forgot the password or even after entering the correct password, you cannot access your account. Then there is a high chance for your account to be hacked. So immediately change the password to protect your account.


Method 3 Check the server status of the email:

Even if the server is down, you will not be able to access your account. So you can check it through any websites like downdetector or downforeveryoneorjustme. 

Following these methods can fix Zoho email login issues successfully.

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