Why won't aol work with outlook?

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It is well known in the world that since the advent of the Internet email services have been used extraordinarily. People have relied on it regularly for decades now to communicate with their friends and family members. At the forefront of the email, services are AOL email services with many more. With AOL email service, other email services such as Microsoft's outlook is also extremely popular as users go on it to communicate through platforms. But, while using it, users have written that why won't aol work with outlook, as they have been facing problems. 

Why would your outlook not work with AOL email service?

People do communicate across platforms and hence when they are not able to do that, it can be frustrating. So, for all the users who have been asking why aol not working with outlook 2021, let's dive into the reasons. 


  • You might not have set up your AOL email account with Outlook and hence cannot use it. You need to set up the incoming server and the outgoing server appropriately.

  • A password that is not updated can also cause this issue, so make sure that the AOL password is updated with Microsoft Outlook's password. 

  • If you are not connected to the internet then you will be among the users who complain about aol mail not working with outlook. So make sure that you're connected to the internet and hence can use AOL with Outlook.

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